Storage room rentals: a booming real estate asset

Storage room rentals: a booming real estate asset

Storage rooms rentals are a widely used term today, however, 45% of spanish people seem to have never heard of them.

This is confirmed by the Federation of European Self Storage Associations (Fedessa). According to their figures, in our country there are currently close to 600 facilities that are dedicated to the rental of storage rooms, adding between all of them a leasable area that exceeds one million square meters.

All these storage room rental companies offer storage spaces of different prices and capacity. If we look at our country, Spain represents 9% of the european market share, one of the reasons why Fedessa believes that ours is one of the countries, along with France and Germany, where “there is still room for growth of the sector”, since the number of installations per million inhabitants is below the european average of 12.5.

There are several reasons that lead us to think about the boom in the rental of storage rooms: the lack of space in homes, the difficult access to home ownership by millennials, new minimalist trends in decoration or simply a feeling of freeing up space after an unexpected pandemic.

All these factors have boosted the storage rental market, turning this type of facility into “very interesting alternative assets for investors”, according to Luis Sendra, associate director of Capital Markets at Colliers.

Likewise, Sendra assures that, in recent decades, the real estate product linked to self-storage has undergone a rapid evolution, constituting a good opportunity for large operators, private investors, investment funds and family assets.


Madrid and Barcelona, main investment markets

Madrid and Barcelona have become the main markets for the installation of this type of property, which already accounts for 51% of the national market. And it is that investors are increasingly betting on assets with a low carbon footprint without forgetting their low environmental impact due to the limited number of people present and the low energy consumption, with management being practically digital.

«It is a very scalable and digitizable business, which we believe will grow, because people are realizing how expensive it is to have a room in a house that serves as a warehouse,” explains David Vila, CEO of Renta Corporación, which under the commercial name of CABE urban storage rooms has chosen to grow in the property business, creating its own line of business.

With an investment of approximately 13 million euros, the company plans to end the year with 13 facilities in different degrees of development located basically in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona.


Storage room rental has never been so simple

Our facilities have their own security system that integrates alarm and CCTV to ensure maximum protection of your belongings 24 hours a day. You will have access to your storage room whenever you want through a private code or from your personal App.

We facilitate the unloading of goods with facilities that are also accessible by vehicle, making them perfect for a move or the transport of many objects and, in addition, our own professional service can help you throughout the process.

With the CABE urban storage facilities we provide a service completely adapted to the needs of the demand in a single click on the website

You will be able to consult all invoices and contractual documentation in your private area. And if you have any doubts or queries, our customer service staff will assist you by phone, through the website or the App.

If you are thinking of hiring a practical solution adapted to your storage needs, at CABE you will find everything you need. Contact us and we will inform you! 900 923 924