Building the future: Innovation and Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry

Building the future: Innovation and Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry

The construction sector, despite being a fundamental pillar of the Spanish economy, representing 5% of GDP, has historically allocated only 1% of its investment to Research and Development (R&D). This percentage, comparable to sectors such as agriculture and fisheries, poses significant challenges, especially in a context marked by the COVID-19 crisis, supply chain problems, rising inflation, shortages of skilled labour and changes in client behaviour.

However, adversity has prompted a reassessment in the construction industry, forcing it to rethink its methods and adopt innovative strategies to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Digital transformation and emerging technologies

In recent years, developments have taken hold that are transforming the construction industry. One of the key elements is augmented reality (AR), which not only enables advanced project visualisation, but also improves collaboration and streamlines workflows in all phases of a project, from design to maintenance.

Another significant advance is modular construction, which contributes to reducing the time and resources required by producing 60% to 90% of the construction in the factory. Robotics in offsite creation, 3D printing and the use of drones for monitoring and transport in inaccessible areas are realities that are revolutionising the industry.

Cloud-based programmes for cost management and control have become crucial to optimise operations and keep projects within budget. In addition, the interconnection of devices facilitates real-time data collection and transmission, improving communication between tools and operators.

On the other hand, the use of Big Data in construction allows the processing of large amounts of information, helping to accurately predict the time needed to complete projects, optimising logistics and reducing delays and additional costs.

Towards a sustainable future

The key to ensuring the prosperity of the construction sector lies in a constant focus on digitisation and the adoption of advanced technologies. Companies must organise and plan themselves, establishing collaborative cost management and control programmes that are open to other digital solutions.

Construction can no longer wait to react to change; it must move towards a present where technology and efficiency drive the industry. Constant evolution is the only guarantee of a sustainable future for the construction sector in Spain.

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