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    Renta Corporación, comprar edificio barcelona y madrid

    Urban self storages

    Renta Corporación has created CABE, a new line of business dedicated to the rental of intelligent urban storage rooms.

    The need for extra storage spaces in homes makes this company a solution for individuals and small businesses, as well as a wealth management vehicle for Renta Corporación.

    CABE offers a differential product, totally digitized, safe and close to home.

    Digitized experience

    Highly technological product with automated management and contracting, reduction of operating costs with which we revitalize the sector, generally archaic.


    Innovative 24-hour surveillance and security system consisting of a CCTV alarm device.

    Own technology

    Operating system developed 100% in-house (software, app, website, robotization…)

    Only one click

    • On line contracting
    • Easy! Without keys, opening with code or App
    • Generation of automatic invoices


    • 24 hours acces
    • Customer support: call/web/app
    • Moving service


    Areas of high population density, in strategic central locations of the main Spanish cities.

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