The rental of storage rooms, a new business activity for Renta Corporación

The rental of storage rooms, a new business activity for Renta Corporación

The storage room rental business in our country has grown recently in response to the new needs of the population. At Renta Corporación we made our way into one of the segments with the highest growth volume.

Storage rooms are a great solution for storing personal items safely facing the lack of space in homes and although an increasing number of people are already benefiting from its advantages, it’s a sector with a lot of room for growth ahead.

Society is constantly evolving, and we must be up to date with new needs that arise as well as market trends. With an initial investment of 30 million euros, Renta Corporación began our activity in this sector after more than 30 years of history in the real estate market.

CABE, the new storage room rental model

The growth of the urban population, the continuous increase in the cost of housing, the high availability of premises after the Covid crisis, a low level of associated investment, great scalability or resilience to economic cycles are some of the aspects why at Renta Corporación have decided to explore this sector.

The objective is to take advantage of these commercial assets located in the center of the cities to cover the storage and urban logistics needs of individuals or companies that need to gain space in their homes at a reasonable price.

Rent a storage room with just one click!

CABE urban storage rooms is Renta Corporación’s new line of business that was born to cover an unsatisfied demand for the future of the storage room sector and is the result of the trend analysis that the Company continuously carries out.

CABE are smart urban storage rooms, with a comfortable and easy-to-use private storage model, located in the center of the cities of Barcelona and Madrid for quick access and without having to hide on the outskirts.

With CABE you will enjoy a completely digitized experience because all the procedures are online: contracting, reservation, payment process, signing the contract, activation of the digital key, access to the center, opening of individual storage room doors and customer service.

Our security system with alarm and CCTV ensures maximum protection of your belongings 24 hours a day. You can access your storage room whenever you want through a private code or from the personal App.

The facilities are also accessible by vehicle and are fully adapted to facilitate the unloading of goods, making them perfect for moving or transporting many objects and, in addition, our own professional service helps throughout the process.

A service completely adapted to the needs of the demand with just one click at and in the private area you can consult all the invoices and personal documentation. The customer service staff will assist you by phone, through the website or the App.

If you are thinking of hiring a practical solution adapted to your storage needs, at CABE you will find everything you need. In the coming months, 9 centers will be opened. Contact us and we will inform you! 900 923 924