Key trends in the development of the logistics real estate market

Key trends in the development of the logistics real estate market

In December 2021, the logistics real estate market reached 2.716.000 m2 of logistics contracting in Spain, exceeding the data of the last five years.

Faced with this new panorama, at Renta Corporación we are diversifying our activity towards the logistics sector. In addition to dedicating ourselves to the acquisition of buildings for their subsequent rehabilitation and residential sale, we are heading towards this new segment of the real estate market, since one of the main characteristics of out company is the ability to adapt and transform to the needs of our clients.

The main logistics hubs in the country continue to be the Central Zone and Catalonia. In the first, the contracting area has increased by 12% compared to the previous year and in Catalan territory the total figure represents a rise of 118% compared to that registered in 2020.

Other national markets also stand out, such as Valencia, which ended the year with 565,000m2 (77% more than the previous year), Zaragoza, Seville, Malaga, and Bilbao.

Future forecasts are positive, and it is expected that the logistics real estate market will continue to grow considerably, benefiting from the push of sectors such as fashion, online commerce, and supermarkets.

The evolution of the logistics real estate market in our country

For some time now we have been observing an important change in urban logistics, which has directly affected all the elements and processes of commercial activity and the distribution of goods in cities.

Spain’s strategic position makes it a key destination for investment in logistics real estate, a fact that has caused changes not only economically but also in the technological and social sectors.

For this reason, although there has been an increase in the price of logistics land due to its scarcity, the growth of investment is expected to exceed 2,000 million euros in 2022.

The transformation of cities

We are living a key moment to add value to our cities and adapt them to the current needs of society.

The lifestyle of the population has changed, and the rise of online commerce is just one example of this. The demand for an increasingly immediate delivery encourages companies to locate closer to urban centers to also reduce distribution and transport costs.

Our book Las Ciudades Visibles reflects our desire for this transformation of cities to be carried out respecting their essence and preserving their individual character. Provide them with functional and design buildings with intelligent infrastructures that look to the future without forgetting their legacy.

The role of sustainability

Logistics centers represent much more than simple storage spaces. There is a need to adapt spaces to improve people’s quality of life and to contribute to respecting the environment.

For this reason, one of the current trends is to bet on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria, fully committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) when creating assets that use renewable energy and measures to improve energy efficiency.

Renta Corporación‘s technical and sustainable asset management know-how leads us to demand LEED certification for new developments. This shows our commitment to social responsibility in addition to providing an added value of well-being to the users of the property.

Principles such as ethics, commitment and efficiency, together with the conviction that people are the strength of our organization, drive more sustainable and efficient development.