The rehabilitation of real estate assets, the best sales lever

The rehabilitation of real estate assets, the best sales lever

The rehabilitation of real estate assets is one of the main activities that we have carried out at Renta Corporación for more than 30 years.

Over time, we have adapted our services to the needs of society. We started our activity as a company specialized in the sale of parking spaces in Barcelona and little by little we diversified our activity towards other sectors.

Currently, Renta Corporación is a renowned company in our country that has carried out numerous iconic projects for the rehabilitation of real estate assets in the residential, office, logistics and, recently, in the rental of storage rooms.

Next, we will delve deeper into how the rehabilitation of real estate assets can be a lever to sell more profitably. Do not miss it! Don’t miss it!

The rehabilitation of real estate assets to adapt them to current needs

One of the current problems in the real estate market is the lack of land available for new construction projects in Spanish capitals and for this reason many more second-hand assets are in circulation than new construction.

This fact has promoted the projects of rehabilitation and transformation of assets to adapt them to the current needs of the population, taking advantage of the fact that many of them are located in privileged areas.

But what do we mean by adapting a property to current needs? Most of the buildings in Spain are prior to the year 1980 and this implies a series of factors to take into account. For example, most are concrete constructions with low-quality materials that trigger energy consumption and surely do not meet current quality standards.

Improving thermal insulation by replacing exterior windows and using sustainable materials is one of the bets to generate added value in the property and improve the quality of life of the people who live there.

Advantages of the rehabilitation of real estate assets

We are currently experiencing a time of energy transition in our country and the transformation of assets seems to be the means to achieve the decarbonisation objectives for the year 2050.

The rehabilitation of real estate assets is necessary in many cases to adapt the property to current regulations. This not only represents a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, but also brings benefits to owners, tenants and investors.

A clear example is the energy savings we achieve by improving thermal insulation, which translates into a significant decrease in bills. More and more people are looking for sustainable homes that are responsible with the environment and take advantage of available resources to reduce their footprint. . And not only in residential assets, this trend is also transferred to the industrial sector in projects for the purchase, rehabilitation and sale of industrial buildings, for example

Another advantage associated with the rehabilitation of real estate is that it is estimated that the houses can increase their value by up to 20% after the rehabilitation. A few weeks ago we shared an article on our blog where we talked about the reasons why real estate transformation projects can increase their value.. Some are the use of high quality sustainable materials, obtaining energy or sustainability certifications or the installation of technological innovation systems.

For all this, the rehabilitation of assets is currently a booming activity that we anticipate will continue to grow in the coming years.