Storage room rental in Barcelona, a storage alternative

Storage room rental in Barcelona, a storage alternative

Storage rental in Barcelona is becoming an innovative alternative to the traditional storage system. Our team of experts at Renta Corporación constantly analyzes the market to identify trends and business opportunities. The result of this analysis is Cabe, our new line of business dedicated to the rental of urban storage rooms in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid.

In the last decades this self-storage system has evolved rapidly due to the need for extra storage space for individuals or small companies.

The storage rental market in Barcelona has remained stable in recent years. It has not suffered any negative consequences with the pandemic and has become a perfect investment opportunity for family estates, investment funds and other agents in the sector who are looking for a good return with low risk and special attractiveness in big cities.

Another positive aspect of this sector is the great profitability that can be obtained, around 6% for the investor and 9% for the developer. Furthermore, if we compare it with other European Union countries, it is a market that still has room for growth in our country. It is estimated that the occupancy rate for this type of facility is around 80%, with an average contract duration of ten months.

But how does renting a storage room in Barcelona or Madrid benefit the individual?

Renting storage rooms in Barcelona, a new way to live your home

On the one hand, it must be taken into account that most of the buildings in Barcelona, unlike other European cities, do not have a space enabled to install private storage rooms.

On the other hand, in recent years there have been important changes in the lifestyle of the population. The rise of teleworking, the increase in online commerce and the rising cost of living have highlighted the lack of space in most homes or offices. Renting storage rooms in Barcelona is a much more economical option than having an extra room to dedicate to private storage.

Having a personalized space to store your belongings safely is a way to simplify your life.

Cabe urban storage rooms is born to solve your space problems.

Our vocation is to help people. With this project we want to offer individuals, companies, and freelancers an innovative system to store their belongings with total security and privacy.

We are simultaneously working on the imminent opening of five spaces located in strategic areas of Barcelona and two in Madrid. Specifically in the streets Biscaia 441, Villarroel 202, Greco 9, Pujades 4 and Sant Francesc Xavier 53 in Barcelona and in Juan Pradillo 20 and Picos de Europa 37 in Madrid.

What makes us different from other centers in the sector?

All our spaces have an innovative surveillance and security system composed of a CCTV alarm device. Unlike other centers in the sector, you can only access the facilities and your private storage room through a proprietary APP that only authorizes access to the people you choose.

We want to anticipate your needs by offering flexible contracts without permanence. All your belongings will be insured with an insurance included in the price and we are at the complete disposal of our customers to offer a comprehensive service and the highest quality.