We transform cities through pioneering sustainable architecture projects

“Life Habitat Hospitalet” is a pioner project in sustainable architecture that the team of Renta Corporación has carried out together with 011h in Barcelona.

This promotion, aligned with our objective of participating in the transformation of cities through the construction of sustainable housing, has the objective of reducing CO2 emissions by 70% compared to those of traditional construction.

“We accelerate the transition towards a sustainable world, designing and building carbon neutral buildings” – 011h

We tell you all the details about the project

This project, located at Calle Joan Maragall 15, in Hospitalet de Llobregat, has consisted of two phases. In the first place, the construction of a multi-family building with three floors divided into 8 apartments of about 70 m2 each and its subsequent sale.

Homes have an impact on the planet, which is why the development has photovoltaic panels in addition to large terraces, direct natural light, the installation of high color rendering LED lights indoors and high acoustic and thermal performance.

All these benefits have allowed the project to obtain the AA energy certification of the new Technical Building Code (CTE), as well as the GREEN certification granted by the Green Building Council of Spain (GBCe), to guarantee that it is a sustainable building.

The construction of tomorrow returns to its origins, which is why the main material of this housing development is certified wood (CLT) and other sustainable materials.

Wood is the only building material capable of absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere during the entire period of its growth. In addition, it comes from a sustainable forest management system that guarantees its renewal.

“Living in the city is not at odds with living naturally”

Our commitment to society and the environment






At Renta Corporación we have a great social and environmental commitment. For this reason, we base our actions on a code of professional conduct that includes the general criteria and values ​​that define our day to day.

The project reflects our desire to be recognized not only for the differential value of our operations, but also for our contribution to a more socially responsible world.

In our sustainability report we collect all the aspects that define Renta Corporación as a responsible company. Understanding it not only when it comes to complying with environmental parameters and applying sustainability criteria, we also refer to our ethics and responsibility towards employees, our commitment to them and transparency in all areas of relationship.

This work “once again demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability in the construction sector”, says David Vila, CEO of Renta Corporación. And he adds that this project is part of the new trends “for the future and will have a positive effect in the medium and long term.”

The importance of promoting sustainable architecture projects

In the European Union alone, the construction sector is the cause of more than 30% of CO2 emissions. Our commitment to sustainable construction and to mitigating the consequences of this sector has encouraged us to work together to achieve our goals.

Therefore, the promotion has the highest standards of energy efficiency, guaranteeing the minimum environmental impact. We want to prioritize the well-being of people above all things. “Life Habitat Hospitalet” has the mission of being a promotion designed for people, with homes full of light and surrounded by natural materials.