Why can Renta Corporación be your best ally to sell your building in Barcelona?

Why can Renta Corporación be your best ally to sell your building in Barcelona?

The beginnings of Renta Corporación

Our experience in the sale of buildings in Barcelona begins to gain strength when we want to make our vision a reality: to improve our cities through the generation of property value.

At Renta Corporación we entered the residential building market in 1995, acting as a cohesive element in cities. Our main objective was (and is) to make them grow and evolve through standards of modernity, technology, quality and comfort.

Since our beginnings, the company has become a potential agent to change the future of the different real estate operations carried out, with the main mission of satisfying the needs of our clients and improving our cities day by day.

sale of buildings

PASSEIG DE GRÀCIA 99, Barcelona (2004)

Leaders in the acquisition, rehabilitation and sale of buildings

At Renta Corporación we participate in all phases of the process and help you sell your building in Barcelona. Whether to individuals, families, offices, investors, companies or institutions, we project our knowledge on the growth of residential, commercial and tourist centers.

In the almost 1.500 operations carried out, we have had many buildings with which we have managed to strengthen cities, recovering their architectural and urban legacy and creating a differential business model based on value creation. Through a process of transformation and rehabilitation we have managed to adapt the properties to the needs of an increasingly professional and demanding demand.

Our objective is to revalue the real estate assets that have become obsolete, as we did in 2018 with this building on Calle Unió 7, where Renta Corporación made the change of use and transformed the office building into 22 new-build homes, for selling later.

Our track record places us as one of the companies with the most experience and the best position to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market,driven by the high interest of institutional investors in Spanish real estate and by the latent demand of final consumers in the sale of buildings in Barcelona.

UNIÓ 7, Barcelona (2018)

Our experience can help you sell your building in Barcelona

Through this process of buying buildings, rehabilitation, and subsequent salein the city of Barcelona we have managed to achieve leadership on valuesthat support us in our journey.

Experience, trust, professionalism, transparency, and agility drive us to continue putting our forces not only in transforming and rehabilitating buildings, but also in increasing their value and that of the city.

Our extensive experience both in the sale of complete buildings and homes in Barcelona, places us as one of the leading companies in the city to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market.

If you are interested in selling a building in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make you an offer in less than 48 hours.