We are dedicated to the purchase, rehabilitation and sale of buildings in Barcelona

The puchase, rehabilitation and sale of buildings in Barcelona is something that Renta Corporación has been doing for many years. We look for those assets that have become obsolete to transform them and increase their value.

We offer our clients the best conditions in one of the fastest growing cities, as Barcelona is a meeting point for all kinds of people looking for new opportunities.

The purchase of buildings in Barcelona

We carry out the process of buying buildings in Barcelona analyzing the opportunities offered by the market. It doesn´t matter if it was a living house, commercial premises or an office. In our process of buying buildings in Barcelona we focus on those assets with a greater margin for improvement and that we can revalue through their transformation.

Our extensive experience over more than 30 years working in this sector makes us experts. We pursue the objective of transforming the city to adapt it to the new needs of the population while maintaining its architectural legacy and its own essence.

We get the best opportunities thanks to our team of experts who constantly analyze the market. Thus, we can offer the best deals to individuals, institutions or companies looking to sell assets.

In less than 48 hours we send a first indicative offer and throughout the process we maintain constant communication to inform and advise on the best way to proceed in each case. Thus, we buy buildings in Barcelona quickly and efficiently, with total transparency and security.

Rehabilitation of buildings in Barcelona

After the purchase process, the rehabilitation of the assets begins. It is important to make a prior assessment of everything that needs to be transformed, modified or replaced, as well as redistributing it if necessary. The objective is to attend to the current demand with respect to real estate so that these can be adapted to the market and the possibilities of sale are greater.

During the rehabilitation process we place our trust in the best professionals to be able to carry out these works, as well as the choice of the most suitable materials for each type of construction. Likewise, and in response to current demand, we work to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Sale of buildings in Barcelona

The next step we take after the purchase and rehabilitation is the sale of buildings in Barcelona. After proceeding with the transformation of the asset, we make them available to buyers.

We sell both entire buildings, such as houses, car parks or commercial premises. In this way, we satisfy the demand that may exist in a city that offers multiple advantages. In addition, as a professional company that works in this sector, we always provide guarantees in our commercial transactions.

Why trust in Renta Corporación?

If you are thinking of selling a real estate asset, trusting Renta Corporación is synonymous of security. We currently have the trust of individuals, companies and investors who want to take advantage of what the real estate market offers. Likewise, we help our users by advising and carrying out all the necessary procedures.

One of the aspects highlighted by the clients who have trusted us is the total transparency with which we carry out the entire project. We provide a close treatment, explaining all parts of the process with continuous communication. In this way, our clients feel accompanied throughout the process.

If you need to sell your home or even buy a property in Barcelona, we can help you. We offer immediate solutions so that, as soon as possible, you can find the solution to what you have been looking for so long. We want to make it easy for you so that you can get the most out of your property. Get in touch with us and we will inform you of everything without obligation.