The need to transform nursing homes: How can the quality of life of the elderly be improved?

The need to transform nursing homes: How can the quality of life of the elderly be improved?

As the population over 65 years of age increases in our country, the need to create and improve existing residences becomes more and more urgent in order to provide adequate and quality care. It is in this context that Wellder, a Socimi dedicated to the acquisition and transformation of residential centres to adapt them to the new needs of the elderly, takes on special relevance.

The company has recently made an investment of 7.5 million euros for the acquisition and refurbishment of the DomusVi Río Vena nursing home in Burgos, a clear example of how the initiative seeks to improve the quality of life of the elderly in Spain. The residence has 98 residential places and a surface area of 4,500 square metres, with large common areas for relaxation and even a cinema room for its own use.

Wellder is committed to prioritising ESG criteria and maximum energy efficiency in order for all centres to obtain BREEAM certification, which means that the residential centres will be more environmentally friendly and will have a lower impact on the environment.

Why is Wellder aiming to transform the nursing home segment?

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Wellder’s initiative is particularly important at a time when the elderly population in Spain is increasing exponentially. The

number of dependent elderly people is expected to increase by more than 50% by 2040, and the current 50,000 places will become obsolete. This is a demographic challenge that requires an urgent response and Wellder is proving to be an innovative and effective solution.

Wellder’s investment in the acquisition and refurbishment of care homes will not only improve the quality of life of the elderly people living in them, but will also have a positive impact on society in general. The retirement homes

that Wellder transforms will be spaces that boost the present and future well-being of the older generation, which is vital at a time when care for the elderly has become increasingly important.

Improving current conditions in nursing homes

In order to understand the need to transform care homes, it is necessary to take into account the current conditions in which they are located. In many cases, they do not have sufficient resources to meet the medical and social needs of the residents.

In this respect, technology can play an important role in geriatric care, especially in relation to improving medical care and providing a holistic approach to ensure people’s well-being.

More efficient and safer design

In addition to medical needs, increasing attention is being paid to the emotional, social and psychological needs of residents. For this reason, more and more consideration is being given to the creation of welcoming and safe spaces that allow for activities that encourage social participation.

In the same way, efforts are being made to optimise all processes to minimise environmental impact and promote energy efficiency.