The District 2023: a look at the future of real estate investments in Europe

The District 2023: a look at the future of real estate investments in Europe

Barcelona has been, once again, the epicenter of the European real estate industry with the celebration of The District 2023. From September 20 to 22, the city of Barcelona has brought together more than 10,000 international executives with the aim of exploring new business opportunities and analyze the trends that will influence the real estate market.

The reference event in real estate

The District, in its second edition, has established itself as the meeting point for the main real estate agents. Large companies in the sector such as Azora, Blackrock, Blackstone, Castlelake, Frux, Goldman Sachs, Invesco, JP Morgan, King Street, TPG and Renta Corporación, among others, have been present. Experts from all countries gathered to explore new investment opportunities and discuss the trends that are driving capital in the European property market.

Juan Velayos, president of The District, highlighted the importance of the event by stating that it is where the future of European real estate is focused from the point of view of capital. Gema Travería, director of the congress, described it as a unique combination of commercial impulse, transmission of high-value knowledge and creation of spaces for networking.

Talks and round tables by industry experts

Within the framework of the summit, the largest European congress focused on all sources of capital was organized: The District World Summit 2023. More than 380 experts from around the world analyzed the challenges facing the sector, from the economic context. and political to the trends that will mark the real estate course in the coming year.

Among the most notable talks was “Unlocking the Potential: Exploring Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Spain for European Investors”, where David Vila, Vice President and CEO of our company, offered a detailed perspective on investment opportunities in Spain. On the other hand, Max Hernández, Director of Investment & Asset Management of our team, participated in the round table “Aging in Place: The Future of Senior Living in a Changing Real Estate Landscape”, where the future of housing for people was addressed. majors in the transforming real estate landscape.

The District 2023 has not only been a space for sharing knowledge, but also a commercial engine for the real estate sector. With exclusive networking and leisure activities, the event has highlighted Barcelona’s potential as a destination for professional and conference tourism and has reaffirmed its position as one of the main cities for real estate investment in Europe.