Sustainability and energy savings in the purchase of buildings

Sustainability is a rising value and more and more people are looking to invest in the purchase of sustainable buildings.

At Renta Corporación we have been analyzing the real estate sector for more than 30 years and for some time now we have observed an upward trend in the acquisition of real estate with these characteristics. Perhaps this is due to awareness for the protection of the environment or because it seeks to depend less on certain resources thanks to the installation of alternative energy sources.

Currently in Spain it is not difficult to see how some houses have solar panels installed on their roofs. And it is that, although the purchase of sustainable buildings implies a high initial investment, over time, it compensates for the energy savings that it entails.

New trends in the purchase of buildings: sustainable housing

It is estimated that around 54% of the houses in our country are prior to 1980. This means that they do not have adequate thermal insulation because the legislation of the time did not require it. Residing in this type of property entails higher costs for heating and air conditioning, depending on the area in which they are located. For this reason, the new trend is the search for sustainable homes where comfort is guaranteed.

For this reason, more and more people are looking for homes with these characteristics, which are passive houses that can be self-sufficient without depending on or consuming certain resources in excess. This allows plausible savings, as solar panels can provide enough energy to heat water, turn on appliances, etc., without the need for anything else.

Likewise, the thermal and acoustic insulation provides greater tranquility and comfort, since there will always be an adequate temperature inside the home. You can do without air conditioning and heating in many cases, which is surprising, but totally feasible. Therefore, the purchase of sustainable buildings is a very good investment opportunity, since the demand is growing.

The transformation of homes to adapt them to new needs

Can homes be transformed to meet these sustainability requirements? The answer is yes, in fact, this is the work we carry out at Renta Corporación. We are dedicated to the acquisition, rehabilitation and sale of buildings that have acquired greater value thanks to the reforms carried out and that are now available to meet market demands.

There are many properties that are not used because they are in very poor condition. Our objective is to take advantage of this space to transform it and adapt it to the current needs of the market. The purchase of sustainable buildings is in full swing and we estimate that it will continue to rise. Our efforts in the building rehabilitation projects that we carry out are focused on generating added value for both the property and the tenant.

The purchase of sustainable buildings in Spain

Everything we have said so far about sustainability is confirmed by the BREEAM certification. Spain is one of the countries that are betting on it. In fact, a large number of buildings are expected to be evaluated by BREEAM this year to give them the go-ahead for sustainability issues.

Spain is committed to sustainability and that is why the purchase of sustainable buildings is experiencing a good moment.

At Renta Corporación we will continue working to make the purchase of sustainable buildings affordable, designing and executing the works from start to finish to create value and increase the chances of sale.