Experts in the sale of buildings in Madrid

Experts in the sale of buildings in Madrid

The sale of buildings in Madrid is a very interesting operation due to the prices that are currently being discussed. However, at Renta Corporación we know that finding the best opportunities is not always easy. Demand is high and there are many buildings that are still not in good condition. Therefore, we dedicate our efforts to analyzing the market to find the best opportunities.

30 years dedicated to the sale of buildings in Madrid

For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to the purchase, rehabilitation and sale of buildings in Madrid and Barcelona. 100 / 5.000 Resultados de traducción We acquire the properties with the greatest potential, and transform them to obtain homes or offices. Due to the previous work that we do, these properties enjoy a much more attractive image and characteristics that give them a very competitive added value.

Building sales operations are carried out by our team of experts, who have already carried out more than 1.500 operations with successful results. Acquiring a building in Madrid is an important investment opportunity, regardless of what it will be used for later, cause , in this city, demand has not stopped growing in recent years, and there is still room for growth ahead.

We also sell living places, commercial premises, car parks

Although our activity is oriented towards the acquisition, rehabilitation and subsequent sale of entire buildings, in reality, we also take care of managing those transactions in which you only want to invest in a single house, commercial premises or car parks. Thus, we manage to cover a greater number of clients who are looking for a professional company in the sale of assets in Madrid.

From the first moment our clients contact us, we start the process so that it is carried out without waiting and in the most efficient way possible. We know the urgency that our clients sometimes need, because due to the demand there are always many people interested in the same property. For this reason, we carry out the procedures quickly, shortening the time.

What do we offer at Renta Corporación?

What we offer at Renta Corporación are comprehensively refurbished buildings using the best qualities, materials and finishes. We attend to current trends to establish the designs that the buildings will have after their rehabilitation and we monitor them so that both their interior and exterior are perfectly cared for to house families, professionals, offices, etc.

Likewise, since we are a professional company for the sale of buildings in Madrid, we offer guarantees that individuals may not be able to give. In this way, our clients can be sure that, at all times, they will be in good hands.

Sale of buildings in Madrid, contact us

If you are looking for experts in the sale of buildings in Madrid to invest or live in a city that has a lot to offer, get in touch with us. For 30 years we have been ensuring that a large number of people can fulfill their dreams and enjoy real estate with a high value at very competitive prices. Investing in a home in the capital is one of the best decisions that can be made today.