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    May 25, 2007

    Renta Corporación takes on Javier Carrasco as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer

    Renta Corporación takes on Javier Carrasco as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer

    . With this move, the Company completes the process designed to further strengthening its management structure.

    Javier Carrasco will become the Company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in June, leaving his current position as Chief Financial Officer for Vueling.

    With a degree in Law and Business Administration, as well as a Master in Business Administration (MBA), Javier Carrasco has extensive experience in financial matters and investment projects for prominent companies. Renta Corporación has high regard not only for his professional track record, but also for his management skills and success in various management positions in high profile companies across a range of diverse and complex industries. As Finance and Corporate Services Director for Vueling Airlines, he oversaw their process in becoming a publicly listed company. He also has experience as Finance Director for cement company Uniland, as Assistant Finance Director at energy company Gas Natural and as Corporate Banking Director at both Midland Bank and Banco Sabadell. Carrasco’s accrued experience in carrying out his responsibilities and the taking on challenges in every position he has held with other companies constitutes a solid professional profile that dovetails perfectly with the level of requirements and the spirit of excellence which characterise the Company.

    In the words of César Bardají, the Company’s CEO, “This new appointment completes the process initiated a few months ago with the aim to further strengthening Renta Corporación’s management structure. With this strong team of professionals it will be possible to keep the high increase in volume and profit which has always been a mark for our Company. Our management team is strong and powerful, always seeking to maximise our organisation’s efficiency in order to achieve and, if possible, exceed the objectives and projects outlined in our Strategic Plan”.

    Renta Corporación is organised in six areas, three business areas and three support areas, which report directly to the managing director.

    . The Chief Operating Officer team was set up recently and encompasses all the group’s operations in Spain and abroad (Paris, London and Berlin). It is led by Enric Venancio, who steered the Company’s financial structure in his last position and has played a key role in the Company’s process of becoming a publicly listed company. This area includes the Residential, Building and Land Transformation units. It also includes three support functions (the technical, legal and urban development departments) which offer support to the Company’s various areas and the markets in which it operates.

    . Acquisitions, led by David Vila. All group acquisitions, whether in Spain or internationally, fall under his responsibility.

    . This coming June, Javier Carrasco will become head of Finance, which will bring together all related functions: Planning, Financing, Tax, Treasury, and Accountancy. This department will also be responsible for investor relations in Spain and internationally.

    The three support areas for the entire organisation are Technology, Systems and Organisation, headed up by Jordi Damià, Marketing, for which Margarita Alvarez is responsible and Human Resources, led by Marta García.

    Renta Corporación. General corporate information

    Renta Corporación is a publicly listed company dedicated to the acquisition, transformation and sale of properties. It is one of the main Spanish real estate companies, operating in four countries: in Spain, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Málaga and Palma de Mallorca; in France, with an office in Paris; in the United Kingdom, with an office in London; and in Germany, with an office in Berlin. The Company is currently in a strong expansion phase, with an estimated annual growth rate of 30%. Over the first quarter of 2007, Renta Corporación boosted net profits by 60% with 16 million euros and 244 million euros in total revenues. With inventory and investment rights levels at 1,193 million euros (signalling solid profit for upcoming financial years), Renta Corporación recently modified its original net profit forecast for 2008, fixing it at 80 million euros.

    Barcelona, May 25, 2007.

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