Back to list Renta Corporación’s net profit up 30% in the first half year

Renta Corporación’s net profit up 30% in the first half year

• Net profit reached to 32.7 million euros, 30% up in respect to the €25.2 million achieved in the last first half 2006.

• EPS up by 30%.

• Revenues stood at 437.1 million euros, including 433.4 million of sales, 36% higher than the same period last year.

• The Group continues its strong growth maintaining its profitability levels.

• The Offices business continues its strong activity, accounting for more than half of the sales of the period, and the Land business has also been noteworthy during the second quarter.

• The total inventory and investment rights stood at almost 1,300 million euros, 18% higher than the one at the close of FY2006. This pipeline provides significant profit visibility for the future financial years.

• An increase in the relative weight of investment rights provides more flexibility for the company’s operations and a efficient use of resources.

30% net profit growth.- In the first half year, Renta Corporación’s results reflect significant growth in its main figures as a result of the solid evolution experienced by all the Group’s businesses. In this respect, it is noteworthy than the company has increased its net profit by 30%, up to 32.7 million euros, compared with 25.2 million euros obtained in the same period last year. This result is totally consistent with the goals stated by the company in its Strategic Plan, which, in the latest update made in the first quarter of the year, forecasts a net profit of 80 million euros for 2008.

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Barcelona, 25 july 2007


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