The origins of Renta Corporación date back to 1991, when a small group of young professionals, led by Luis Hernández de Cabanyes, the current Executive Chairman of Renta Corporación, founded a company in Barcelona specialising in buying and selling parking spaces.

Since its creation, Renta Corporación has undergone considerable, sustained growth as a result of its strategic real estate investment business, adapting to the dynamics of each market in which it is active. Over the years Renta Corporación has progressively broadened the type, size and even geographic spread of the buildings it has worked with, spreading to cities such as Paris, London and Berlin. In the current market climate Renta Corporación has been focusing its efforts on the domestic market.

As it has grown, Renta Corporación’s business has focused not only on the refurbishment of buildings but has also carried out a number of land transformation projects, with the final goal of urban development usage. To summarise, Renta Corporación brings with it considerable experience in added value to real estate assets by carrying out transformation projects on residential and office buildings and land.

In the section on “Shareholder and Investor Information” details are given of the current structure of Renta Corporación and its governing bodies.