Renta Corporación is an international real estate group specialising in the acquisition, refurbishing and sale of real estate properties in prime locations of major cities. The company has been quoted on the Spanish stock exchange since April 2006.

We have offices in Barcelona and Madrid and have considerable experience in the cities of Paris, London and Berlin, all of which share common features of size and liquidity.

Renta Corporación is an innovative company with an original business model. Our ability to select strategic assets (residential and office buildings) and to develop a refurbishment process, defined and planned for each property according to market demand. is key to the company’s business.

The process of refurbishment is carried out by modifying the physical state of the building, its rental management and legal and technical status. The company undertakes whatever processes are needed to maximise the market value of the asset in the short, medium and long terms.

Our principal customers are individuals looking for their main residence, asset managers (investment funds, family offices, insurance companies, financial entities, large corporations, etc.) looking for high yield assets or assets for medium term investment and professional end users (e.g. companies looking for head office buildings, offices, hotels, etc.)

Renta Corporación is today the only Spanish real estate listed with virtually no debt, with a fully resized and efficient operational structure since 2003 has analyzed more tan 7,000 buildings and closed more than 1,500 transactions with €2,500 M. invested.