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Corporate Social Responsibility

Renta Corporación understands corporate social responsibility as the company’s continued commitment to act in an ethical manner and to contribute to economic development, helping to improve the quality of life of workers and their families, the local community and the whole society.

Renta Corporación intends to carry out its business activities in a socially responsible manner, investing in human capital and the environment. The same criteria of responsability apply to its relations with other stakeholders involved in the operation of the company.

For Renta Corporación, corporate social responsibility means maintaining an ethical and social commitment with a long time vision. In the process of formalising the values which shape its corporate culture, Renta Corporación has tried to establish a code of conduct which sets an explicit framework within which to develop relations with the various stakeholders.

Its goal is to establish operating principles which help professional team at Renta Corporación to act in accordance with these values, complying with general criteria which facilitate the perfomance of their daily work.

In the field of external actions, initiatives are channelled through the Fundación Renta Corporación, which focuses its efforts on financing activities and projects to create better material, health and nutritional conditions for underprivileged groups, both in Spain and in developing countries. Code of Conduct Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014