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Renta corporacion issues new capital up to 4.9m€

. The Board of Directors and Renta Corporación Management Team have announced their commitment to subscribe new shares for a minimum of 4 M€.

. Existing shareholders will have pre-emption subscription rights and 11 pre-emption rights will be necessary for the subscription of 1 new share at a price of 2.20 €/share.

In order to meet the commitment which was part of the refinancing process and to strengthen the company’s equity, Renta Corporación’s has obtained approval from the Spanish Security Commission (CNMV) to increase its capital by 4.9M €. This transaction was adopted at a meeting held on 1 December, 2009 using the authorisation given by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company held on 10 June, 2009.

The capital increase represents the placement of 2,247,274 ordinary shares for a nominal value of 1€. The new shares would be issued at 2.20 € per share, 38.369% below the theoretical ex-right price (TERP) taking as reference the closing price of Renta Corporación share on the Madrid Stock Exchange on December 2, 2009, which was 3.50 €. Santander Investment, S.A. has been appointed as the agent entity of the capital increase.

The Board of Directors and Renta Corporación Management team has undertaken to subscribe to at least 4M € in shares which is more than 80% of the issuance.

The capital increase has a pre-emption subscription right for current shareholders, corresponding to one pre-emption subscription right to each share currently held, eleven of which are necessary for each new share. The Pre-emption Right Subscription Period starts on Saturday 5th December and finishes on Saturday 19th December. Those shareholders and investors that exercise their pre-emption subscription rights will have the right, irrevocably and without limitation, to simultaneously subscribe to additional shares in the event that, at the close of this initial period, non-subscribed share are still available. A further subscription period will start on Tuesday 29th December in the case that all non-subscribed shares were not allocated during the initial period.

We expect that new shares will quoted in the Madrid and Barcelona Stock Exchange Markets on January 7th, 2010.

For further information regarding the capital increase, please read the offer document, security note and the summary all of which are registered on December 3, 2009 and available at the CNMV Registry Office. Also at CNMV web site ( and Renta Corporación web site (

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Barcelona, 3 December of 2009.

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